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криптовалюта Ethereum сейчас платит Нет Отключён: 18.11.2017 14:42 бывали сбои при оплате
или отключения в ротаторе
Да В базе 286 д.
каждые 00:05 ч. (5 м.) ~ 610Платит в среднем ▼ 600минимум платит ▲ 700максимум платит 750000минимальный вывод сатошей тип крана direct payment тип капчи - Опасная реклама popup redirect Нужно ждать Нет Уровень сложности 2лёгкий кран В ротаторе нажали "игнор" 190 пользователей отзывы 17
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ethercoin..., Вчера, 14:59
fake, waste of time. Just an advertising ring.
+ 0 -
Владимир..., 10 декабря 2017 11:15
Не платит не тратьте время
+ 0 -
Юрий..., 29 ноября 2017 14:19
Кто-нть может сказать чё-ньть путное??? Скам или платит???
+ +1 -
174wH4WMKd..., 24 ноября 2017 18:09
Вывел минималку, сутки уже нет выплаты. жду еще сутки, т.к. выплаты сказали в течение 48 часов. если и тогда не придет, значит проект скам...
+ 0 -
ettennek..., 24 ноября 2017 09:00
can be directly pay to faucethub?
+ 0 -
Kamil..., 18 ноября 2017 16:41
Fake. Waste of time..
+ 0 -
14JfSGaXQT..., 14 ноября 2017 05:30
Кто-нибудь пробовал выводить с крана? Платит?
+ 0 -
El plebeyo..., 14 сентября 2017 23:02
me and my girlfriend live together , so we use the same internet or wi-fi at home it means if we claim from the same connection the system can lock us out ?
+ +1 -
nikolayev8..., 12 августа 2017 17:30
I am not sure that the website pays, at least not me and my friend. Here is the storry. Some time ago I signed up for all three of their faucets. I liked them and gave a referral link to my friend who was at my place at that time. So she signed up for ONE of them at once from my wi-fi point. The next day she signed up through my referral link for the second of three faucets, but from the other place. I noticed that I didn't get the referral commission at the first faucet. I contacted the support about this issue. It appeared that because my friend first signed up from my IP I wouldn't get anything. I though, ok, let it be. So we both continued claiming (from different places) until we reached the withdrawal limit. We tried to withdraw and... we were banned permanently! Just great!
I contacted the support for them to explain the reason. They answered the following:
Your “referral” made at least one claim using your IP address. Upon investigation, there are many other similarities between you and your referral’s accounts so you and your “referral” has been blocked permanently.
I wrote back:
Yes. It's true about one first claim. I have already contacted you about this issue. But there was no more claims made by my referral from this ip. And if it so important, why you did not ban us immediately? Why did you wait until we wasted our time. Please finish our withdrawals, and unban us.
But no one replied. They just get there benefit from me and my friend, paid nothing and acted wrong, although I explained everything politely and asked to unban us. And, yes, if there was some violation (although I don't see any rules on the website), I admitted it at the very beginning when I contacted support the first time. They could have banned us from the very beginning and not to wait until we waste our time. So, it is up to you to decide. Nobody is immune to be accused of some violation of the rules they have never mentioned on the website. If the issue is resolved I will update here.
+ 0 -
cyberfreak..., 16 августа 2017 22:30
Cheaters will not be paid. This is common on any site. After the first email about the referral, I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt but as my email stated "Upon investigation, there are many other similarities between you and your referral’s accounts..."

These came to light after your first email as I don't have the ability to read the future.

Also your "friend" received a payment from my faucet anyway. All payments sent from my faucets are visible here - ***etherscan***/address/0x5E631e138024a5F24575F74C00641a0096E36399

People who cheat get nothing. Legit users get paid as can be seen above. Cheaters are usually first to complain when they are caught.
+ 0 -
Saalimkhan..., 2 июля 2017 15:04
Kya baat h kaise details h ethereum
+ 0 -
Artur..., 22 июня 2017 07:50
Don't paying LTC, admin not respond
+ +1 -
cyberfreak..., 10 июля 2017 23:51
We are not a LTC faucet so we wouldn't pay LTC. I respond to all emails I can make sense of.
+ +1 -
Palawag..., 17 июня 2017 06:11
Do they really pay?
+ +1 -
cyberfreak..., 10 июля 2017 23:53
Yes we do. Between my 3 ether faucets, I have made 9 payments in the past week
+ -1 -
1Cmkk6T7FV..., 13 июня 2017 11:42
Rewards: 600 to 700 Gwei every 5 minutes
+ +1 -
cyberfreak..., 6 апреля 2017 11:16
Paying again using Epay as EthFaucet is no longer online.
+ +1 -